hand holding a mug, wants a tea, or a cuppa, cuppa tea please, royal yellow, for Kings and Queens, more to this than meets the eye, a canvas, a blank space that awaits your attention!


As Venus, lover of all the finest things in life, I am so proud to share my debut Tea collection! 
Introducing "High Times" with tea therapy for cleansing and detoxing, slimming, energy boosting, immunity boosting, digestion and gut health, improve your overall well being including mental health with these teatox and sleep tea. Help to love and heal yourself naturally! 
My tea is sourced of the highest grade tea supplier, established, trusted and proudly local to me:) They source organically and ethically locally and the globe to bring you ONLY THE BEST that TEA can be. 
Yummy hydrating way to wellness; through tea, cleansing to improve health, detox; revive and rejuvenate! 
 Proudly introducing my baby collection of tremendous tea, you can literally send love and healing to yourself or post as a gift of love to another <3