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hand holding a mug, wants a tea, or a cuppa, cuppa tea please, royal yellow, for Kings and Queens, more to this than meets the eye, a canvas, a blank space that awaits your attention!


As Venus, lover of all the finest things in life, I am so proud to share my debut Tea collection! 
Introducing "High Times" with tea for cleansing and detoxing, slimming, energy boosting, immunity boosting, gut health, overall well being, mental health, help soothe yourself to sleep gently, naturally! 
My tea is sourced of the highest grade tea supplier, established, trusted and proudly local to me:) They source organically and ethically to bring you ONLY THE BEST that TEA can be. 
Yummy hydrating way to wellness; through tea, cleansing to improve health, detox; revive and rejuvenate! 
BUT TEA FIRST! (hydrate) Then maybe a COFFEE LATER or MORE TEA? 
Are you a coffee lover? I confess me too, a slave to it, but I know personally if I don't balance my gut to have days without coffee or swapping a coffee for a tea my health can decline.
I have found tea to be SUPER beneficial in a holistic approach to my health, mainly using tea for calming, gut health, period pain, sleep aid. 
I suggest you try these refreshing taste sensation teas as hot as you like for normal consumption however for transformative intention purposes drink at a warm 36* up to 40* and even cool or chilled as an alternative to other drinks.
Using crystals with both water and tea, your intention placed on the tea, you can drink for transformation. By added words, mantras, affirmations, frequencies these dimensions I refer here as TEA THERAPY. I will be sharing wicked ways to adding power Words and affirmations to your water and tea soon too:) 
As Venus, I tune into famous Gurus like Sadhguru, Dr.Pillai and scientists like Dr.Masaru Emoto who all talk about how your thoughts and your energy even your physical touch effects the structure of water. Water is living energy with memory. When you REENERGISE the water by placing your personal focus and intention on the water you can positively affect the structure of the water to be one of the highest frequency to service and hydrate your body. Positive or negative words, vibrations and frequency change the structure of the water accordingly. I highly recommend researching these higher genii practices further.  
My approach to living a mindful life highly values our most precious resource WATER. I have long been blessing my water, purifying it, putting into beautiful glass crystal vessels on my desk and bedside. Crystals were also introduced into my water many years ago too.
SO for a time now I have been experimenting further with Words, mantras and Colours, and along with tea. All so I could remind myself to drink more water! I hope to share my tools to help you attract what you want. 
 Proudly introducing my baby collection of tremendous tea, you can literally send love and healing to yourself or post as a gift of love to another <3