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Awareness of positive SELF-TALK has been key to my mental health. The WORDS we choose to speak and have for our self-talk are so POWERFUL leading me to learn to focus on using specifically inspiring words differently and regularly, I take notes from Gurus like Deepak Chopra, Scientists like Gregg Braden, Neuroscientist Joe Dispenza, New world thought LEADERS, pioneers even, Louise Hays, Wayne Dwyer, Bob Proctor, to modern expanders Vishen Lakhiani, Gabrielle Bernstein, various speakers in various esoteric fields like  astrologers like Kaypacha,  gaining insights and downloads of my own. These nuggets of gold are shared in my MINDFUL ART also known as WORD ART that will be available as PRINTS for a range of everyday BASICS like Tee-shirts, Tote bags and more - all made sustainably to order. Created to RE-mind YOU of the MIRACLE powerhouse you are, while simultaneously creating small waves of change within others. I will grow my range organically with you.

In this urban jungle, I pay particular attention to (everything or not hahha diagnosed ADD, PTSD and depression) I constantly have to try to catch myself, prevent and overcome my negative mind or lack program by using things that help me support a new program a positive mindset, high frequency, radiant health and wellbeing. All to rise above the mental health issues of overwhelm, anxiety, stress, depression, all so common today, mainly being treated with toxic pharmaceuticals. 

There are other ways to treat yourself with love ..... May I suggest my  TEATOX therapy to you? 


Lastly - for now..

TOOLS are the trick! My go to #veehacks are LOVE and GRATITUDE! 

YOGA, Daily AND hourly reminders using, Mindfulness, mantras, GRATITUDE journaling meditation, goal setting, sage- ing, aromatherapy, practicing VISIONING, using WATER in new healing therapeutic ways, tuning into astrology, Luna Cycle Ceremony, Frequency music, sound healing, finding community, detoxing and healing TEA, IMAGES, CRYSTALS, all help create MASSIVE TRANSFORMATION. A love of my homeland Bondi Beach in Sydney Australia and my MERMAID LIFE  brought me to share this unique and broad range of ideas and practices with products I love, that I trust will help you bloom.

Carry on Venus recognises that WHEREVER YOU GO YOU MEET YOURSELF. You can't run away from your yourself or your challenges. No matter how much you avoid, deny, suppress or travel the world you find in the end you will still have to face yourself! So learning to love and accept yourself is the best place to start exploring the world; for the world lives within you; literally in your hands! Start  your journey now by travelling within! To travel within means to sit with yourself, reflect, meditate and question yourself. Journal your thoughts and move with intuitive grace.

I share my journey here and aim to open my network of lightworkers to bring you my ways of healing, self-discovery and personal transformation.

Disclaimer - I AM not a professional health advisor, yet, I have learned so much about myself, gut health, adrenal fatigue, skin healing, mental health, my mind and self-talk a constant WIP. Over my life I have worked with many different modalities to clear my past traumas and many resources to get clear about my purpose. I have learned to trust in my gut and follow my intuition bringing me to curate a collection of    CONSCIOUS CREATOR ESSENTIALS so that you may have a place to learn ways of communing, find inspiration, heal, become clear, transform, and learn to love yourself more!

I truly hope you find a diamond you have been seeking. One that makes you stop, think and change for the better. So much love coming your way, a wealth of health and inspiration so please do stay connected with me and subscribe to the Venus Love line above or below:) for random messages of feel-good love!

Reach for the stars lovers! cos

Love All-ways Wins xx Your Venus