If you're a lucky one you may realise that our broken western ways lead us to the ultimate life question. WHY?

Who are you? What's the point? Why are you here? In this time-space reality and WHY am I, Venus? doing this? I have struggled greatly on several occasions in my life when massive traumas have brought me to ponder these questions. Through deep reflection, detoxification, mindfulness and healing, I have come to know thyself. (You can also see my first blog - Whats all the Carry on About? Venus?)

If you are asking these questions and you are here now, have no doubt the magic of the universe has brought you here to me because I AM lighting the path for you. I, your Venus, believe WE ARE ONE people. One body collectively living in this UNI-verse! Separation an illusion, connected to the light and of the LOVE; the force field that binds all life explained by Albert Einstein. AUM - the vibration we are all of - one universal sound, for one body collectively living in this UNI-verse of AU-M-ORE!! AMOR AMOR AMOR!

The New World. NEXT LEVEL! As the legendary John Lennon said, "You might say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one".

THIS IS MY WHY! I dream of a NEW WORLD, one full of love! Where we are all living in our truth accepting each other and free from the chains.

IMAGINE the changes for the world, if we could ALL truly LIVE in AMOR, JOY, HARMONY and GRATITUDE in the ever-present MAGIC of the NOW together.

The radical miracle that you are, must be seen, accepted, loved, validated and celebrated, by you primarily. The more you love yourself, the more it shows others how you like to be treated. When you wake up to the miracle you are experiencing to realise that YOU ARE A CONSCIOUS CREATOR that has come to experience this journey of LIFE in this blessed body, your soul's vessel in this time-space and reality. You are here for a reason! I believe you chose this life - with all its ups and downs - and life chose you! Your purpose must be realised. I am here to help you realise this through small actions of self-love.

 What is your TRUTH? and what is your PURPOSE? These are the deep questions to realising your DHARMA - your purpose, being of service to mankind and the planet using your god given talents.

 As a stylist, I need to ensure people LOOK their best, yet I learned that people need to FEEL their best to look their best. Taking this a step further, I have found that people can’t feel their best unless they are healthy, accept and love themselves fully and know their self that they are honestly living in their truth, wholeheartedly.

 Gandhi famously quoted "You must BE THE CHANGE you wish to see in the world". I hope to live in my dharma being of service to you - sharing my knowledge, wisdom and talents to help you get results faster. My intention is to help you raise your vibration in turn raising mine so that I may be a beacon of Love helping create more LOVE in every nation!

 One way we can do this is by changing how we perceive things and begin living within nature and its natural laws - IN the FLOW of GIVING and RECEIVING - it's a natural law that I value highly as I struggled so much with it. I've learned you have gotta GIFT what you want, give without expectation and more than what you are accustomed to getting. I'm not suggesting a "thing" can "fix" any-thing. I am suggesting what you perceive and believe is powerful. Some "things" consciously or subconsciously may trigger what you want to bring more of into your life, like love, joy, happiness, travel and on I carry!  Anywhoo I truly hope to spark something special within you and help you learn to give yourself the gift of self-love!