Why Tea?

Then maybe a COFFEE n’ tea chaser or MORE TEA?

 Tea is for the wealth of health. A natural therapy safe to use for daily healing and cleansing. I like to say my tea is Tea therapy, healing and promoting my health. To be honest, tea has never been my first choice. I turned to tea therapy probably because I love coffee too much. Are you a coffee lover too? Likely you are too, well I confess I have been a slave to it, but, I found that if I don't address my coffee addiction, my health can suffer. Beloved coffee, my morning lover, although not unhealthy it has a downside that it can make hydration - definitely in the skin and absorption of vitamins and minerals more difficult to achieve. Notice that yo-yo caffeine high-low morning up that sees you crash in the afternoon craving more - coffee and more sugar? The thing that is sending you that craving is your gut! This is my WHY TEA! (Yes My Why Tea? - my why tea is for you!) It's hard to find your Why, isn't it? Well Tea made a massive impact on me - helped me heal and get clear in such a profound way that I want to share that with you too. 

 Most of us are just a slave to our body cravings - we run on autopilot and mostly react without considering an alternative response. To gain control of your foggy mind you need to cleanse from within, detox your body and mind to get crystal clear. Have you ever had a feeling you think you ought to follow? - you know a “gut feeling” you have but you don't follow it? Have you heard about the gut-brain connection? That is your second brain calling you to listen into your body and your mind telling you otherwise will usually lead you down the wrong garden path. The gut lining actually is the sensitive part that senses emotion - energy in motion. Sometimes (mostly all) your body knows better than your mind telling you. The gut requires a healthy balance of good flora vs bad flora, this is why probiotics are important. All sorts of things affect your gut and toxicity levels including your thoughts! Negative ones are toxic waves that we often perpetuate worsening our conditions unconsciously! I suffered skin issues all my life; as a child, I had bad eczema, later as an adult with acne too. Skin issues mostly relate to your gut and or adrenals. If you are gluten free; intolerant to wheat gluten or yeast too as a celiac, have any mental health issues like depression, anxiety, ADHD you might like to know that many of these "issues" are actually symptoms that may relate to your gut flora or leaky gut and the root cause of it is highly likely to be candida - a bacteria that you need for digestion and nutrient absorption yet can grow out of balance in your gut to mushroom and take you hostage with it. 

 Chinese medicine was one part of the answer to my recovery from a debilitating bout of Candida albicans, aka Candida that saw me suicidal for a time over 10 years ago now. There is no cure, there must be immediate life change starting with as minimal stress as possible and a super strict diet consisting of zero fun - only lean fish or poultry and veggies! NO processed drinks, foods, meats, grains, bread, fruit or sugar, fat, alcohol, caffeine - nothing naughty -  a total detox to heal over a three month period that it takes to starve the fungus that is ruling you, it can be a relentless battle! What's worse is how many people are horrifyingly unaware their symptoms are related to either the gut or adrenal glands and inflammation due to stress is something a large number of people suffer. Lifestyle is key to change which is how I come to share here. Everything has to change. 

Now I manage my love of coffee with a detox TEA chaser!! Haha YA and I LISTEN and TRUST my GUT too! 

 Knowing that I must always be thinking about how to love my guts! Literally! I balance my gut flora, balance ph acid-alkaline, eat lots of leafy greens, hydrate with purified water as much as possible - (by using my beautiful bottles to entice me, I remember) to have days without coffee or swapping a coffee for a green, matcha or herbal, tea, along with other ways of healing including probiotics, vitamins and minerals, kinesiology, acupuncture and so much more healing including healing for the heart and mind. Now I am not perfect and have a way to go as we all do but I have had some serious clarity.

 The reason I am here though is I discovered TEA was to be SUPER beneficial in a holistic approach to my health. I use tea for calming and stimulating, for digestion and gut health, to detox, cleanse, purify also for period pain and to help me sleep. There are so many other things you can do and consume to help heal your gut, adrenals and life!

 Tea is my number one fab way to promote health and wellness - not to mention promote change and transformation not only in your health but also your life!

My debut tea collection consists of a simple 3 magic teas. I am in love with each of these teas for so many reasons I have selected these carefully as to align with my top 3 reasons to drink tea that I hope lines up with your top 3 too! 

To sleep! I need all the help I can get! Beauty Sleep! Check.

To boost energy, slim and stimulate. Skinny Deep. Check.

To digest, detox, build immunity, purify, targets everything! Bulls Eye! Check!

May I suggest you try my seriously refreshing and taste sensation loose leaf teas well steeped in a teapot preferably as hot as you like for normal consumption. I may turn you who knows! Oh yes, I don't like tea bags, you get less quality leaf and the bags can be bleached, processed toxic. Loose leaf rocks, add, mix, blend up your leaves to your taste and needs. tea-riffic eh! 

For transformative or intention purposes drink at a warm 36* up to 40* at most and even drink room temperature or chilled as an alternative to other drinks.

There is more to tea than meets the eye. I hope you read more of my blogs on tea to get more out of your tea too. (if you have time - apologies for any waffle! - try not to!) 

Keep Clam - hahaha 

Carry on  - you're a star 

Love all-ways wins

your Venus xx 

Gut-Brain and Candida references:  



Dr Axe has amazing help and resources 


I highly recommend a keto diet too - get your free keto diet at Dr Berg, he is the adrenal fatigue, gut, body type expert!



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