The Birth of Venus


Carry-on Venus" comes from many passionate conversations with close friend and my amazing teacher I need to keep anonymous yet will happily name him here as "Garry". We are kindred spirits that spent a lot of time together philosophising. Garry the Great had many teachings to share with me passed on from his knowledge studying at what he calls "Tuning school" where I am told his colleagues sit amongst the great thought leaders of now like Jo Dispenza. Witty & wise Garry is, he'd often interject with something profound then laugh and say "Oh haha Carry-on your Vee-ness".

I embraced this Venus alter ego when I had to face myself with all the new "Awareness" I had opened up through an eight-week intimate, mind explosive Personal Coaching course. This was a year after I had broken up with my long term partner of 8 years. My life, along with my beloved ego came crashing down around me. Who was I now? I was having a mid-life crisis. I struggled to see what was real and what was an illusion. Till I could see no other way to carry on other than to pack it all up into a Carry-on and SURRENDER to the universe hoping to transform myself.

My mind, my lifestyle, my diet, my skin, all needed attention to save myself from drowning in the toxic treadmill of city life. I yearned to swim a greater pool, one I had not yet seen, yet I knew could possibly be available to me if could only TRUST and so I  L E T  G O ........
 So I risked it all ( yes - my job, my flat, my life) - for my health and sanity to embark on a 6-week retreat to Bali, Gili Islands. I was living the "Eat, Pray, Love" experience but more like "Detox, Yoga, Meditation and Self-Love. I didn't understand what was happening to me health wise feeling like I had a broken back, always in pain and I wasn't happy about my skin, I had suffered bad acne scarring that also scarred my soul reminding me of my life's pains, I wanted it erased! So amongst all this were some skin peels too - not so! This was the cheapest and easiest method suiting me as while I sat with myself I had to voyage on a deep exploration into self and ask the BIG question!
Who AM I? What AM I here for?
I had been following my heart and my passion all my life, always being creative exploring my talents and serving to try to help people look and feel better, yet I never really found the financial reward I needed to not just survive but to Thrive! So I asked God. Please help me find a better way. How can I serve in my highest potential? How can I help myself and others transform, succeed, thrive? Please God show me the way; I seek my dharma! Aghh I finally began to breathe again and delve deep into my shadow to seek my soul purpose and path.
I went through it all out there on a tiny island in the dark running on generators. Reading the "Disappearance of the Universe" by Gary R Bernard and "The Motivation Manifesto" by Brendon Burchard sometimes in the dark by a battery powered lantern. Contemplating my life, at all times of day and night waking to meditate when the Muslims would rise for mosque prayer. I asked myself what's next? How can I do what I do but differently? better? smarter? for the greater good and in my personal power using my God-given talents!
This is how the Rebirth and Rise of Venus happened to me.
Yet there is always a back story - my whole life - I have always been - 
deeply connected to the divine.
Inquisitive since very early on. My first word was i-sho - meaning - More - which is essentially the vibration of AUM or Shaum. I have this thing with words, hahha.
My parents were both atheists rejecting religion as war-torn children. My mother Hungarian and Jewish father Russian orthodox God was not feared he was not real, but my father was. Yet I felt the divine leading me on a spiritual quest
- a soul path - where I was shown some of the harsh realities of life and death -
the sheer miracle life is and feel the fragility it is too.
I have loved and lost many to the other side. Yet I feel so lucky to be who I am, to have been touched by these incredible souls that taught me so much about life. It would be odd not to share at this point that the most special of all these souls was the miracle light Todd, who was my first true love. I adored him with every bit of me. Tragically he passed away when I was 24. After losing many before him I was scared to feel love and be in a relationship at 19. There was no avoiding this though; Todd and I fell for each other hard and fast, he begged me to "take a chance" on him 'cos he screamed in the street "LOVE is the ONLY thing that's real and that matters in this world!" God bless, I took a chance on LOVE. 
Unfortunately some years later when Todd asked me to marry him I said no, he was a shadow of the Todd I loved, regretfully not long after he passed away.
Despite the devastation of losing Todd and the ramifications throughout my life, I treasure how blessed I am to have been his beloved. His death then sent me packing again with my Dutch fiance for Europe via Asia - on a path - to let go. It was by no coincidence that at the first leg of my trip standing in the book shop at the airport looking for a sign, the only book that seemed to pop out at me was THE POWER OF NOW - a life-changing book by Eckhart Tolle showing me how I could find a way through this agony 
to carry-on to LIVE in the NOW-ness! I went on to read New Earth and many other fabulous reads, I would like to share. 
My name is Veronica - the spelling influenced by the ecclesiastical Latin phrase vera icon meaning "true image". This was the name of a legendary saint who wiped Jesus' face with a towel and then found his image imprinted upon it. ... It was borne by the 17th-century Italian saint and mystic Veronica Giuliani.
Apparently it's Meaning‎ is she who brings victory, true image.
My surname Ostro means SHARP - fittingly. 
I'm a Taurus, My Sun is in Taurus ruled by Venus, Moon in Aries. I AM a number 9 signalling the end of a cycle, born in the lucky year of a Dragon. A hopeless romantic who revels in all the typical Taurean Venusian traits and feel that if I can achieve this dream I may actually get to the Next Level. 
It appears to me I am here to serve the collective in my own image as a curator of the beauty in life. And to help you to love and especially gift yourself self-love in life. It is this act of GIVING and RECEIVING the natural ebb and flow that I am fascinated with. Here I channel the divine Love and shine my light so sharp so that it may help you see the truth - crystal clear - so that you may too heal and transform.
Through my journey, I have used many powerful tools I've sharpened too. I share these currently on mini events called Experiences I offer through Airbnb. The rewards of sharing in my truth, have lead me here to share them one by one with you lovers!
Now reflecting on my life and transformation I have learned that life is happening "For" me, not "To" me. That the dis-ease in my mind body soul comes from a lifetime of gunk and old programming that takes years to unravel and heal. My exploration did show again my need to self-nurture, gut problems - candida and adrenal problems have been a never-ending yo-yo. Another year of therapy revealed I have ADD coupled with depression and a narcissistic mother, I previously could never understand. I have chosen to cut that cord there while I am rising to
BE-come who I AM. 
I AM - two of the most powerful words together. I AM here for those that choose to carry on with the light, to do something about it, to show up, to celebrate life, the blessed earth that we are privileged to inhibit, travel and wander. I AM here to help YOU on your path of self-discovery on the road less travelled to AWAKEN.
I AM calling on you NOW to transform into your higher versions and to help me on my mission to "Raise the Vibration Across every Nation the to the LOVE vibration aka frequency 528Htz <3 SO together we can Carry-on Venus to the Next Level!
Love ALL-ways WINS Lovers
Forever Yours
Venus xoxoxo 

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