Hola, Namaste Lovers,
Thanks for stopping by genii! In a world of "not enough time" I value yours!
I am Veronica, aka Venus, born a peace child, artist, stylist, conscious, connected, catalyst even; I like to think an Active Agent of DIVINE LOVE! Here realising my dharma, to share my heart and soul from Venus; the love I channel from above, my ruling planet and alter ego I identify within a New World WE are co-creating!
This space has emerged like a lotus from the deep dark space of my transformation so that I may connect and share with you; the seekers of the divine, the believers in magic, the lovers of nature, the curious and courageous, the lightworkers, those brave enough to walk the dark nights of the soul. Here to RAISE the VIBRATION in your HEART, so that you may walk “The Heroe’s Journey” and go on to inspire others too. I aim to connect the dots here one by one through holistic health focussing on hydration, tea therapy, my take on mindfulness and word art.
In this urban jungle, I pay particular attention to the things that help support my overall health and wellbeing. WATER, astrology, healing TEA, crystals, mindfulness, mantras, meditation and a love of Mermaid life brought me to share this unique range of ideas and practices with products I love that I trust will help you bloom.
Carry on Venus recognises that wherever you go you meet yourself - so learning to love and accept yourself is the best place to start exploring the world; for the world lives within you! I share my journey and open my network to bring you my ways of healing, self-discovery and personal transformation. Disclaimer - I AM not a professional health advisor, yet I have learned so much about myself, gut health, adrenal fatigue, skin healing, mental health, my mind and self-talk. Using many different modalities to clear my past traumas and many resources to get clear about my purpose. I have learned to trust in my gut and follow my intuition bringing me to curate a collection of CONSCIOUS CREATOR ESSENTIALS so that you may have a place to be inspired, heal, become clear, transform, and learn to love yourself more!
Awareness of positive self-talk has been key to my mental health. Our choice of WORDS we speak and self-talk are so POWERFUL leading me to focus on specific words, statements, speakers insights and downloads of my own. These interpretations are nuggets of gold shared in my MINDFUL ART also known as WORD ART.
I truly hope you find a diamond you have been seeking. One that makes you stop, think and change for the better.
So much love coming your way, a wealth of health and inspiration so please do stay connected subscribe to the Venus Love line below for random messages of feel-good love!
Reach for the stars lovers! cos
Love All-ways Wins xx Your Venus