Golden nuggets of chocolate staged as eggs sunny side up a hand reaches to fork each one up


Words mean far more than we generally perceive. To give your word builds trust and in so we trust our words. They hold a certain vibration within our body and carry as we think or speak them out loud. Our words become our thoughts, beliefs, stories, a WORDGRAM that we tell ourselves repeatedly, WORDS that default to our PROGRAM but what if they did not hold the same meaning? if we changed what we thought of the word or the meaning? Or RE-PROGRAM ourselves to choose our words wisely, to enable a higher for thought. I would like to share my many fun ways of looking at words in the NOW to help your mindful journey into the ever-present NOW. When we live in a mindful state we are pain-free, anxiety-free, everything is judgement free and nothing can be wrong. See how Venus interprets words of wisdom to hack your way to freedom of your monkey mind.

Soon you will see a range of decals affirmations, power statements that you can stick temporarily on your water bottle for transformation, on your mirror for a reminder, on your phone, laptop or bedroom or office window as an inspirational message that will encourage your subconscious to match the frequency you desire! My intention is to send you a Message in a Bottle to help you awaken your new reality.  With So much love from me your Venus xx