3D Print La Luna Moon Lamp USB LED Night Light Moonlight | 8-20cm

Carry on Venus

3D Print La Luna Moon Lamp USB LED Night Light Moonlight | 8-20cm

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Light me UP baby! If you are Luna obsessed like me and most lightworkers or people who love sci-fi, stars space galaxy and basically next level cool decor - especially cool for evening ambience - on your desk - next to your bed - or super cool for baby's room or kids they LOVE them - easy gifts for kids and friends who have a child or fear of darkness, this lovely li'l luna moonlight is an instant complement anywhere. 

The texture really has been made to look like the real moon surface; the crater and rocks features do actually simulate the surface of the moon.

The actual moonlight is a soft white glow, you can change the brightness setting - giving a softer warmer glow. It will illuminate the surrounding area too.

Carrying with you in a dark house at night is perfect - or to leave lying around on to pave a pathway or for kids bedrooms etc. 

Perfect for when guests stay and you need night lights in bathroom

Great for car trips - getaways with kids -  and camping - Glamping decor - eve a prop for a costume - festival fashion accessory I say! 

- Unique design, high quality
- Adds some warm atmosphere at home
- Energy saving and environmental protection
- Good items in everyday life
- NiteCore Extreme, press until the brightness is right for you



New LED light source, built-in rechargeable battery, touch switch, Promise dimming, two-color switch, support USB power supply

Light color: yellow and white color switch

Processing technology: FDM-3D printing one molding

Lamp wattage: 0.1w-1.5w

Surface accuracy; 12.5um

Life time: 6H-12H

Product material: edible grade degradable PLA

Product color: ivory white

Charging time; 3 hours

Light source: LED

Product power: 1W

Rated voltage: 110v-220v

Charging type: USB