Beauty starts within, there are just a few features the nose and some cheek and chin but the lips in pink gloss shining / moist lips indicate good health


Beauty is far more than skin deep, it is in your soul. Your body; the vessel that carries you through life deserves to be nurtured, cherished and adored. Learning to love and accept our bodies isn't easy. In a world of judgement, we compare ourselves to every other body, when we let go of judgement and we accept who we are now- with gratitude, embrace our flaws for the teachings and begin to celebrate our body as a miracle that sustains our life we can see that beauty starts within our perception. As the saying goes "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder". Our body holds the gut-brain the heart brain and each organ has its own innate mind separate yet a part of your whole. Your mind is actually where beauty begins. Thinking loving joyful thoughts about our body, having empowering beliefs and stories about our body is the path to accepting and embracing our body beautiful! You are so so beautiful! I am only a reflection of you and we are all one.

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