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Skinny Deep

Carry on Venus

Skinny Deep

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Slimming and stimulating tea blend Teatox 45g

2 Week SLIM Tea detox aka teatox.
Naturally slim your terrific self with this metabolic booster pack for total self-love and healing! 
Enjoy a gentle stimulation for mental clarity, open your heart to feel deeper and evolve into a higher version of yourself. 

I love watching the stunning purple Hibiscus in the teapot as it bleeds a deep purple-red colour and holds so many benefits! Best way to start your day with this teatox blend. It will take effect by speeding up your metabolism which promotes healthy steady weight loss. Also, it may well open you up to feel more in touch with yourself and the pure potential. Will reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels, aid the immune and digestive systems and act as an anti-inflammatory.

Apart from Hibiscus other leaves in this amazing drink everyday tea include:

  • Acai - which I love to add to all my teas! As a brill all-around antioxidant 
  • Burdock root - benefits for weight loss 
  • Calendula petals - great for skin 
  • Dandelion leaf - helps remove excess water from your body - yes a diuretic - and detoxify
  • Garcinia cambogia has been used to aid in weight loss
  • Schisandra berry - find your focus and endurance.
Yerba Mate’ leaf proves to have many benefits including up to 90% more antioxidants than green tea. It may aid with digestion, mental focus, and promotes weight loss.
Try some form of exercise first thing after your first tea. This stimulates metabolism even more by continued ketosis, then shower - ensure the cold rinse to finish and then have a small bite of brekkie to eat, like an egg and kale. Avoid gluten of wheat, fats, processed foods, alcohol, when detoxing. This is also such a yummy tea to serve guests or at a High Tea or Tea Ceremony. 

    Skinny Deep Tea is a perfect detox tea blend to naturally slim, stimulate, focus, endure and feel good.

    This really is NEXT LEVEL tea made with love from Venus xx